5pExpo is an integrated international exhibition and forum designed to highlight the activity of exhibition centres and exhibition organizers, designers and provides of exhibition-related products, and other companies involved in exhibition business.

One of the topical issues today is ensuring security at public events. In this connection it is planned that the 5pExpo Forum will incorporate an Exhibition and Conference Security Exhibition and Conference. Russian and foreign specialists in public event security, designers and providers of surveillance and information security products will be invited to take part in the event.

Considering the importance of the topics to be discussed and the fact that Russian exhibitions are attended by more than 10 million specialists a year, we invite you to take part in the Exhibition and Conference Security Salon held within the 5th 5pExpo International Forum of the Exhibition Industry.

Aims and objectives of the event:

  • brining leading organizers of exhibitions, congresses and special events under one roof
  • offering the participants new opportunities for effective tackling commercial issues and for building up business and professional contacts
  • fostering innovative forms of special events and innovative approaches to conducting them
  •  enhancing professional competence of exhibition and conference organizers in the field of security.

The following organizations are welcome to take part in the Salon:

  • national security structures
  • companies, providing integrated security services, including security equipment for exhibitions and conferences
  • security researchers.


The Salon offers ample opportunity for companies to raise their profile in the Russian market. The programme of business-related events consists of business meetings, seminars and presentations aimed to facilitate contacts between providers and consumers of products and services for special events.

If you are considering participation in the Forum, please visit the Exhibitor Information section.

We would be glad to give you guidance on which form of participation in the event to choose in order to achieve your marketing objectives.

Yours faithfully,
5pExpo Management Team


Alexandra Yu. Tipikova
Deputy Director of the 5pExpo Forum
Phone: +7 (499) 795-25-98
Fax: +7 (499) 795-26-75
E-mail: tipkova@expocentr.ru
Galina A. Petunina
Curator of the Security Salon
Phone: (499) 795-27-66
Fax: +7 (499) 795-26-75
E-mail: petunina@expocentr.ru