5pEXPO 2022: new exhibition format for investors and project creators

23 / 06 / 2022

The expert session "B2I exhibitions as a catalyst for investment activity - invest in development!" was held at the 12th International Forum of Exhibition Industry 5pEXPO at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

The moderator of the session, Artyom Kudrin, Chairman of the Expert Council for Investment Projects of the CCI RF Council for Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy and Managing Partner of FORPOST Solutions, noted the importance of the topic of the event, where decisions that are taken on an investment project were considered.

Right now, said the moderator, investors are in a rather difficult situation. The old investment tools are not saving the day. The investment market is alive and well and is actively moving to Russian investors: programmes aimed at import substitution are being developed, incentives are being launched. The main projects now in the works are designed for domestic demand. "EXPOCENTRE AO introduces the term B2I (business to investor), which offers a new format of interaction for investors and project creators. It is the exhibitions that can become an additional catalyst for investment activity in the country.

The moderator outlined two main issues: first, how interesting and promising exhibitions are as a platform for investors and projects to meet, and second, the exhibition as a platform where support measures are provided for a specific industry and exhibition theme.

Dmitry Kurochkin, Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, made opening remarks. He told about practical experience in the system of chambers of commerce and industry in terms of investment activities. The CCI of Russia has been dealing with attraction of investments and development of innovative entrepreneurship for over 10 years. Exhibition and fair activity is one of the important directions.

"The CCI system has a project that represents a two-way conveyor belt for investment projects. We are approached by the regions to find investors, and the investors themselves offer the available resources. All regional and municipal chambers, committees and councils are involved in this system. The 122 chambers out of the country's 170 are involved in attracting investment. 64 territorial chambers are working in the field of innovation, in the protection of intellectual property rights. Every year about 300 strategic sessions are held, the project turnover is around 1,000 investment projects, one third of which are innovative," said Dmitry Kurochkin. He drew attention to the fact that the Chamber regularly takes part in exhibitions and organises presentations of investment potential of the Russian regions with the participation of the President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Governor.

The discussion was continued by Ivan Kovsh, President of the Laser Association. In particular, he referred to the experience of the Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics. In his opinion, the exhibition is an effective mechanism of the industry development. Virtually everything new that is being done in this industry is presented there, which arouses great interest among users. 60-80% of all contracts during a year are concluded due to participation in the exhibition. Various funds are presented at the exhibitions. The head of LAS noted that EXPOCENTRE AO, as an operator, is always ready to assist the exhibition in every way.

Nikita Kuznetsov, Project Director of the Advanced Manufacturing, Nuclear and Space Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation, elaborated on the development of the Foundation and the challenges it faces, as well as the assistance provided to Skolkovo Foundation companies. The Fund has more than 3,500 startups. He pointed out four main areas: industrial, nuclear and space technology cluster, medical technology cluster and energy efficiency technology cluster. "Skolkovo is a well-developed system where interaction with our partners, collaborative centres, where companies can order some kind of service takes place on one platform," the speaker said.

Vladimir Gamza, Chairman of the Council for Financial-Industrial and Investment Policy of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, delivered a report "Industrial renovation of Russia's economy". This topic, according to the speaker, would be useful for many exhibitors. "Today it is impossible to instantly build a new industry. It is necessary to resolve the issue of renovation of those industrial enterprises which were built during the Soviet era. They have a very good basis for re-equipping production with modern products as part of import substitution. They have production sites, necessary infrastructure, sufficient staff and suppliers. Within 5 years, it is possible to substitute imports from what we have lost today".

Tatiana Repina, Director of Public Relations of the Foundation for Promotion of Small Business Lending in Moscow, presented the report at the session. She described what the Fund does, stressing that the efficiency of the Fund is the highest in the country.

In conclusion, Vladimir Gubernatorov, Deputy Director General of EXPOCENTRE AO, thanked all speakers for interesting presentations and noted that holding this event with the participation of professionals was very important. There is a growing number of organisations which are interested in having Expocentre Fairgrounds as a venue to work on issues related to investment and new projects. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO