5pEXPO 2022 introduced IT solutions for the exhibition industry

23 / 06 / 2022

IT solutions for the exhibition industry. Challenges and opportunities was the topic of an expert session at the 12 edition of the International Forum of the Exhibition Industry – 5pEXPO 2022. The event was moderated by Chair at the Council of the Digital Economy Development Fund German Klimenko.

According to experts, the departure of a number of Western IT companies will not cause panic in the market. The exhibition industry has something to fall back on: the register of Russian software already contains almost 13 thousand domestic software products.

Ivan Mishchenko, founder of Registration and Accreditation Systems, speaking about import substitution, noted that foreign platforms had never been widely used in the market due to the location of servers abroad. "The products that the market now requires are already available on the Russian market. Almost all the needs are covered. Any organiser of an exhibition or business event can find a variety of solutions that will cover absolutely all needs," said Mr. Mishchenko. 

Vladimir Kravchenko was representiung the Event Rocks platform. He introduced a mobile app for organising and running events, congresses and exhibitions. The app combines within one ecosystem the automation of marketing, CRM, participant database management, website and landing page builders, digital tools for entertainment and participant engagement, mailing services, ticket purchase and registration, networking services, and much more. 

President at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Voronkov has summed up the session’s results. He pointed out that there are currently about 30 industry-specific software, but they are intended for specific needs, whereas a universal national platform is required. It is currently in development. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO