The exhibitions approved by UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry are flying their flags at Brand Alley of the 4th 5pExpo International Forum of the Exhibition Industry

06 / 04 / 2010

Since the beginning of 2010, Expocentre has been running a dedicated campaign Brand Alley -- to visualize the leaders of the Russian market. The campaign is incorporated into the trade fairs and, naturally, it will be carried out within the framework of the 4th 5pExpo International Forum of the Exhibition Industry.

The Forum is organized by Expocentre and the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Forum is Russias main platform for professional interaction between exhibition organizers.

On 8-10 April 2010, the flags of the UFI approved exhibitions held in Russia will be flown on a special open air site between Pavilion No. 1 and the Forum Pavilion. Currently there are 98 such exhibitions in Russia, they are held by 28 exhibition organizers both Russian and international, which are working in the Russian market actively and productively.

The corporate flags of UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, RUEF the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and of the oldest Russian and international exhibition organizers the flagships of the global exhibition industry will be raised in the central hemisphere of the site for the official ceremonies of the Forum in Pavilion No. 7.

The statistical information about the number of exhibitors, the net and gross exhibition space, the number of visitors and visits, the share of exhibitors and visitors from abroad is very important for exhibition organizers. But it is still more important for exhibitors, visitors, government officials of all levels, international associations and organizations, financial and investment structures, professional buyers. The exhibition statistics is a key factor for winning patronage, sponsorship and gaining other support, as well as for defining the status of an exhibition and for deciding to take part in it or visit it 

The approval of UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry has always meant that the exhibitions meet the highest industry standards, as UFI grants its approval on the basis of the independent audit of the exhibition performance. These exhibitions have got modern exhibition equipment and well-developed infrastructure; they offer the whole range of goods and services tailored to the needs of the Russian market and the economy of each Russias region.

The exhibition audit is not a one-time procedure, arranged by exhibition organizers to get the UFI Approved Event logo. The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry requires regular auditing of the approved evens so that they reconfirm their standards. Therefore an independent audit should become a norm for all exhibitions that claim the loyalty of their customers.

The UFI logo is a mark of quality. It is a sign marking not only the Russian but the global leaders of the exhibition industry .The venues staging the UFI approved events are territories of innovation, transparency and trust.

Visiting Brand Alley of the Forum, the visitors will be able to collect information about the best Russia-based exhibition projects featuring their fields of activity.