June 8 Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted an opening ceremony of the 5th Edition of the 5pEXPO International Forum of Exhibition Industry.

08 / 06 / 2011

June 8 Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted an opening ceremony of the 5th Edition of the 5pEXPO International Forum of Exhibition Industry.  


Expocentre Director General Vladislav Malkevich welcomed the 5pEXPO exhibitors and visitors to this significant for both Russian and global exhibition industry event. Mr. Malkevich noted that this year the Forum celebrated its first 5 year anniversary. All these years Expocentre has enjoyed active support of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. The auspices are provided by the Moscow City Government. Assistance comes from various Russian exhibition companies and organizations and everybody else involved in the exhibition business.

The Expocentre Director General pointed out that during the last five years both the Forum and its accompanying exposition had not only expanded but also greatly improved bringing new different aspects to its work. This year one of the core events is the first international conference on exhibition and convention security. There is no more important issue for crowded places, which exhibition venues no doubt belong to, than a terrorist threat. It is a very important issue for us. That is why I want to thank the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Department of Economic Security for their support and assistance in this work, said Mr. Malkevich.

Mr. Malkevich talked about novelties of the Forum such as the Event-Technologies Salon devoted to exhibition accompanying services. This topic will be covered at various accompanying events of the Forum. Creation of favorable investment climate in Russian regions and other important issues will also be discussed. The Forums exposition will showcase technical security means, IT and protection of industrial property.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Security Gennadiy Gudkov welcomed 5pEXPO participants on behalf of the Russian State Duma. He talked about importance of the exhibition industry for the Russian economy. There are many scientists, engineers, designers and talented inventors who can boost not only the Russian economy but also the global one. Exhibitions have an important task to show it, said Mr. Gudkov. He wished the Forum the best of luck and thanked the organizers pointing out the importance of this event for development of Russia, international cooperation and overall progress.

Chairman of the UFI European Chapter, RUEF President Sergey Alexeev thanked the Expocentre personnel and its Director General for their initiative to hold 5pEXPO. This Forum is a substantial contribution of Expocentre, as a leader of the Russian exhibition business, to creation and development of the modern exhibition market in this country.

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Union, said the RUEF President. Expocentre actively participated in its creation. It helped to develop a civilized exhibition market in this country.  Mr. Alexeev welcomed RUEF members 80 companies that define the Russian exhibition business. Participation in the Forum of exhibition companies from many Russian cities and regions as well as representatives of many recognized international exhibition organizations shows importance of this event, believes the RUEF President.

On behalf of the international exhibition community, Ex-president of IFES the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services Leslie Zech and UFI Managing Director Paul Woodward expressed their gratitude for organization of such an important for the exhibition industry event.


Events like 5pEXPO are important for development of the global exhibition industry and expansion of cooperation in this business. It should be noted that Russia was one of the first UFI members. Since its inception it has played an active role in the Association. Today Russia holds the third place on the list of 554 UFI members from 84 countries. 22 of Expocentres own events carry the UFI approved event logo which acknowledges their highest level of organization.   

Vladimir Strashko, the Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expressed his confidence that that Forum would keep growing. Participation of important visitors such as heads of international associations tells that more and more foreign representatives will participate in the Forum in the future. Exhibition and convention activities are one of priorities of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. That is why this event is our high day too. We have called together all those working in the exhibition industry to exchange opinions, to show what we can do when we are together and to further develop the Russian exhibition business, said Mr. Strashko.  

Yuriy Kotov, Chairman of the Board of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the Committee on Support for Exhibition and Convention Activities and Support for Manufacturers and Exporters of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, congratulated the Forum on its first anniversary and said that the main achievement of the Forum was that it had showed that the Russian exhibition industry existed and that we all had to learn from each other. 

The above idea was supported by Valeriy Skrug, President of the Belgorod Chamber of Commerce and Industry, State Duma Deputy who said that the Forum had made a significant contribution to development of the Russian exhibition industry. Russia saw a new industry to emerge within a few short years. He also expressed his confidence that when 5pEXPO turned 10 exhibition venues would become key indicators of the Russian regional economy.  

The 5th Edition of the 5pEXPO International Forum of Exhibition Industry will run in Pavilion No.3 of Expocentre Fairgrounds. The opening hours are from 10.00 to 18.00 on June 8 and 9, and from 10.00 to 16.00 on June 10.