New! Expocentre became a member of IFES

16 / 08 / 2011

Brussels, 89 August 2011. The talks between the delegations of Expocentre Fairgrounds and the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) held in Brussels resulted in the settlement of all the formalities relating to Expocentre's admission to IFES. The rapid development of the the exhibition and event management business implies the active employment of new technologies for exhibition and event management and the use of modern stand construction technologies, original design, new structural materials and modules etc.

The Expocentre delegation in Brussels was headed by Deputy Director General Sergei Bednov, while the IFES officials were led by their President Bruno Meissner. The talks were also attended by ex-president of IFES Leslie Zech.

The underlying principles behind the development of Expocentre Fairgrounds and the IFES slogan ‘Knowledge Sharing. Global Cooperation. International Collaboration.’ match each other perfectly and the parties hope for a productive and mutually beneficial joint work in the global market.

The key collaborative project to be undertaken by the organizations in 2012 is the running of an International Congress on topical issues of the exhibition and event business in Moscow within the framework of the 6th International Forum of Exhibition Industry 5pEXPO'2012 and the staging of the International Salon for Stand Builders as part of the Exhibition for Exhibitors. An agreement has been achieved that Expocentre Fairgrounds will host all the events of the Forum (in  Code of Conduct which implies that the IFES members should follow the norms of ethics and morality and maintain the principles of respect and trust in business relations with other IFES members as well as with partners and customers. The Code of Conduct was designed in late 2010 and all IFES memebers voluntarily signed in at the Annual General Meeting in Oxford in June 2011.

As a committed innovator of the exhibition and event business, the International Federation of the Exhibition and Event Services is officially supporting the 3rd International Forum on Intellectual Property Expopriority'2011, which will be held in Moscow on 7-9 December 2011.


New! Expocentre became a member of IFES ">