Administration of Yekaterinburg takes part in the 5pEXPO2013 Forum

06 / 06 / 2013

Yekaterinburg, being one of the most powerful economic, industrial, transport and scientific centers of Russia, became one of the candidates to host the World EXPO 2020, presenting the topic Global Mind.

The programme of events of the 5pEXPO2013 Forum incorporates the presentation World Expos: Role in Global Development. Russias Participation in Expo Exhibitions.

The EXPO exhibitions are the events of the global scale, demonstrating the achievements of humanity, discussing the modern trends and the ways to solve problems. The exhibitions gather more than 100 participating countries and tens of millions of visitors. The EXPO exhibition would open up additional investment and innovation opportunities for the country in general and for the region and the city in particular, stressed the members of Yekaterinburg administration.

We cannot say that the theme of the World Universal Exhibitions is well-known in our country. The discussion will be interesting to a wide circle of specialists, journalists, businessmen, said Nikolay Bugaev, Deputy General Director of Expocentre.

According to the organizers, one of the main aims of the Forum is to attract attention of the ministries, industry associations, regional administrations, etc., as well as the representatives of business, science, and culture to the modern exhibition technologies, and also to familiarize them with the possibilities and potential of the exhibition and congress industry in the country.

Expocentre Press Office