The 10th Anniversary Edition of the International Forum of the Exhibition Industry 5pExpo 2018

14 / 06 / 2018

This year 5pExpo celebrates its 10th anniversary. It has once again proved to be the main event for the Russian MICE industry. Its participants demonstrated the latest technologies, services, equipment, creative ideas, the best projects and capabilities of event venues. Leading Russian and foreign representatives of the industry discussed the most relevant problems and prospects of Russian and global expo industry in today's complicated environment.

The forum brought together event organizers, designers, stand constructors, equipment and materials suppliers, as well as companies representing all industry sectors which take active part in trade shows and congresses.

  • Dates: 6-7 June 2018
  • Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia
  • Organized by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Expocentre AO
  • Supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF)
  • General contractor: Expoconsta OOO
  • Partner: ExpoForum International
  • Media support: Exponet, Event Live, the International Association of Presentation Products, the Mir Vystavok magazine

Forum Highlights

1.The 7th Russian Conference on Trade Fairs “Trade Fairs and Congresses: Digital Economy Networking”. The participants were executives of trade show companies, government officials, representatives of chambers of commerce and industry, industry associations and professional communities.

2.The General Meeting of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs was held one day before the forum.

3.The forum's opening coincided with the 3rd Global Exhibitions Day.

4. The Round Table on Trade Fairs and Congresses and Business Tourism and Round Table on Safety of Trade Fairs and Congresses: Design, Construction and Operation were held on the first day of the forum.

5. The second day of the forum featured three conference platforms: PRACTICE, OPINION and 5pEXPO.

a) The PRACTICE Platform featured the conference on NewExpoTech: New Technologies in the Trade Show Industry, organized by ExpoEffect with support of Expocentre AO and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

General Director of LED Screen Service Sergey Biryukov presented modern LED technologies for trade shows. Director of Exhibitions of iFin Media Gleb Veselov talked about new a new project DigitalExpo which allows to automate event management. Founder of SmartEvent Amir Khafizon showed how to use the SmartEvent system. EventBank, FlippingBook, EXPODAT, 2Meet, Artus, OVK Bizon, and Yarmarka Nedvizhimosti (Real Estate Fair) presented their new products and projects.

b) The OPINION Platform invited the forum visitors and participants to discuss the most relevant topics of the market. EXPONET Project Head Aleksandr Pavlov talked about why visitors come to exhibitions. The Russian Convention Bureau and Event LIVE portal held the conference on Event Gene in the DNA Territory. EGO Translating hold a workshop on participation in international trade shows abroad.

c) The participants in the 5pEXPO Platform saw new products for construction of two-storey stands, current LED technology, an environment friendly exhibition display system Lingtong and a new EventBank project.

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5pExpo Exhibition Highlights

The 5pEXPO was divided into salons.

1. expoPRODUCT, a trade show of the latest technologies, equipment, design and services. The participants demonstrated a whole range of services for the trade show business and event industry. This year it occupied 1,300 sq m to accommodate 92 exhibitors from Russia, China, Germany, and Turkey.

Participating companies: Messe Düssedorf Moscow, SYBA Messebau (Germany), Turkel Fair (Turkey), ExpoGlobal Group, Euroexpo, ExpoForum-International, Negus Expo International, Expolink, BESTLY (a leading supplier of materials for stand construction and outdoor advertising).

Newcomers (15 companies): Lingtong Exhibition System Co. (China), a well-known manufacturer of materials and accessories for exhibition stands; LED Screen Service, a leading integrator of LED, multimedia, sensor, lighting and sound equipment; LIDER, production of mobile advertising structures; Russcom IT Group presented EventBank, a unique promotion product.

2. The city of Ekaterinburg arranged a group stand presenting the information about Ekaterinburg Expo, the Ekaterinburg Congress Bureau, and several Urals exhibition companies. It also made a presentation of Ekaterinburg as a candidate city of Russia to hold EXPO 2025.

3. The Exhibitions and Congresses. Exhibition and Event Services Salon consisted of companies involved in organization of trade shows, fairs, corporate, and other events. They showcased interactive technologies, lighting, audio and video equipment, advertising and marketing services.

4. The participants in the Expostand Salon were companies engaged in design and construction of exhibition stands, portable stands, prefabricated pavilions, which present exhibition and special-purpose equipment, materials, floor coatings, etc.


Sergey Katyrin, President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“I believe 5pExpo will boost development of the MICE industry in Russia and allow all interested parties to exchange experience, discuss relevant problems and industry prospects.”

Vladimir Dmitriev, Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“In our age of digital economy it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the MICE industry. Even with the development of mass communications and digitalization of economy, nothing can substitute face-to-face networking. That is why the importance of trade shows and congresses is unique. Russia has become a part of this global industry and has a great potential to develop and expand.”

Valery Skrug, Deputy of the Russian State Duma

“The exhibition business has to develop using new digital technologies. Those who have managed at least one event, can manage many more.”

Sergey Alexeev, President of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs

“Today 80 countries celebrate the Global Exhibitions Day which was initiated by Russia back in 2015. It is impressive that almost 200 million people across the world work in this industry and celebrate this Day. It means that the idea of citizen diplomacy and a desire to share information not through agenda-driven mass media but face-to-face is widely supported in the world.”

Sergey Bednov, General Director of Expocentre AO

“We make trade shows for different industry sectors but we needed our own one. Our own event where we can show what is going on in the MICE industry. That is why 5pExpo was launched. There were many sceptics who did not believe in this new show. But it has been growing for 10 years to celebrate its anniversary in 2018.

The term “digitalization of exhibition business” is used much more widely than when talking about electronic services for exhibitors and visitors. It is about cooperation and interaction of exhibition organizers and online communities. Today, social networks are powerful information tools. Another important element of the digital transformation of the exhibition business is organization of virtual hybrid trade shows and creation of electronic trading platforms as part of large trade shows.

The most promising instruments include interactive layout design of exhibition halls, automatic identification of objects, exchange of contact presentation information between exhibitors and visitors, and web platforms of trade shows. Digital transformation of the exhibition business implies flexible application of key digital technologies. At the same time, the digitalization does not lead to disappearance of conventional trade shows with their face-to-face networking.

5pExpo has more and more participants from various regions of Russia. The reason is clear. Resources and products from these regions need to be promoted to the international markets via trade shows. This forum offers exclusive opportunities to exchange experience in this sphere.”

Vladimir Gubernatorov, Deputy General Director of Expocentre AO

“The topic of new exhibition technologies is one of the key ones at this forum. There is a wealth of interesting experience both in Russia and other countries. This conference will no doubt give an impetus to development of new technologies and new approaches in the MICE industry.”

Sergey Voronkov, CEO of ExpoForum International

“5pExpo is a unique trade show and the only one of its kind in Russia. It is a networking platform for professionals where they can discuss relevant problems. It is especially good when it coincides with the General Meeting of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. It creates a great synergy effect. When all industry professionals gather together under one roof, there is always a lot to see and a lot to show.”

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Press Service, Expocentre AO