28 / 05 / 2008

This year EXPOCENTRE holds 5pEXPO - the International Forum of the Exhibition Industry for the second time. The event will take place between the 16th and 18th of June 2008 at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. It is designed to bring together professional exhibitors and their consumers from all over the globe.

The 5 ps in the Forums title symbolize the unity of 5 major components of the exhibition business, namely:

place the leading exhibition and convention centres;

product exhibition offers;

price participation cost;

promotion advertising of exhibitions and trade fairs;

partnership partnership

The Forum enjoys participation of foreign and Russian exhibition and convention centres and organizers, national exhibition and industry associations, unions of manufacturers and exporters of products and services, exhibition services providers, Russian and foreign chambers of commerce and industry, banks and financial institutions that support exhibition activities.

The first 5pEXPO Forum, held in July 2007, welcomed 97 exhibition companies from Belgium, Czechia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, UAE, and Ukraine. Over 1,200 exhibition specialists visited the event. The Forum opening ceremony was attended by Mr Cliff Wallace, current President of UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and Mr Leslie Zech, President of IFES the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services. The press conference devoted to the first 5pEXPO Forum brought together editors-in-chief and journalists from 69 journals, TV and radio channels.

95% of the 5pEXPO2007 participants and visitors assessed EXPOCENTREs new project as valuable. 78% confirmed that they had achieved their goals, and highly appreciated the Forum organizers EXPOCENTRE and ExpoConsta for their professionalism and effectiveness of the show.

This year, 5pEXPO - EXPOCENTREs unique exhibition project - will welcome even more participants and potential consumers of exhibition services. The Forum will present exhibition programmes for 2009 by both Russian and foreign exhibition organizers, a wide range of offers on exhibition stand design and construction, opportunities by specialized exhibition media and companies engaged in development and production of exhibition equipment.

5pEXPOs new participants such as Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center are a good sign of recognition of the event and high professionalism of its organizers. EXPOCENTRE welcomes the colleagues at the 5pEXPO Forum, and welcomes the fair competition, which is considered to be a driving force for the Russian economic development and a valuable mechanism for meeting national priorities.

In 2009 EXPOCENTRE will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The exhibition schedule remains unprecedented for international prestige and popularity both in Russia and the CIS. EXPOCENTREs 18 exhibitions proudly carry the official UFI label UFI Approved Event that confirms their compliance with the highest international exhibition standards. All the results of EXPOCENTREs activities are confirmed by independent auditors. EXPOCENTREs space turnover indicator per 1 sq m 17 (!) is the highest in Europe.

By presenting the 5pEXPO Forum for the second time EXPOCENTRE aims at stimulating the development of the exhibition industry in Russias regions, and enabling prospective customers to plan their individual participation in the 2009 exhibitions as well as set their marketing budgets. EXPOCENTRE expects that friendly rivalry among foreign and Russian exhibition organizers at 5pEXPO will provide a favourable environment to establish principles of healthy competition and professional partnership within the Russian exhibition community.

5pEXPO will undoubtedly stimulate international cooperation for the mutual benefits, which is one of the main priorities for both the Russian Chamber of Commerce and EXPOCENTRE.